Project:  True Star
(it's actually very old Information - but it's VERY IMPORTANT)

Please read this, act on it, and please pass this information on to everyone you know!

Mankind is at a major turning point - The EVENT Approaches

The technology hidden within black projects by our governments (plural) should be openly shared for the benefit of all of humanity. We MUST have full disclosure of what has been hidden from us, and what has been stolen from humanity. Inventors have been attacked, or arrested, and some have even been killed, and their work confiscated, classified, locked up and used to HARM or enslave humanity, or used to benefit just a very few at the top of a pyramid of corruption. So many of these amazing inventions that started to show up at, or before the beginning of the 20th century would have changed our lives so wonderfully, but instead, they were stolen from all of us. Unfortunately, we have what can only be described as parasites effectively controlling governments, major banking institutions, and almost all major corporations. The good companies can be identified as those who share their profits with all of their employees, right down to the janitorial staff. They also invest heavily to help feed and cloth those in the communities where they are located, or even elsewhere around the world.

Many people are working for the TRUTH
Thankfully, many people, along with many allies, are working hard to expose this nightmare and free up the technology to solve literally all of the world's problems. And we mean ALL. All disease will end, limitless energy will be available to all, and the pollution will be stopped and reversed. Even the Fukushima disaster could be stopped almost instantly, and the damage reversed.

Prepare Yourselves for What Approaches from the Galactic Core
A point of transition is upon us. A major turning point. Every 13,000 to 26,000 years this planet goes through an event caused by a huge energy wave that emanates from the core of the galaxy (research "Sayfert galaxies"). I have no doubt that it is by design (as is our universe and our very existence). One of these events is upon us.  Dr. Paul LaViolette has done a lot of work on what is called the Galactic Super Wave. It is an intense energy wave that has a major effect on everything in its path. This includes the sun, the planets, and us, as well. As a side effect, it will bring in a lot of dust from the outer edges of our Solar system which will cause our sun to "choke" a bit and will prompt some major coronal discharges. Some say they may be so large that the sun may go dark for a day or two (that would be a bit of scare). The effects on Earth can range from massive light shows (planet-wide aurora borealis) up to serious destruction on the surface. Our government knows this is approaching - yet they keep quiet, and they have known for some time. They have even built underground facilities for the elite and the military (I am sure they did NOT get an "A" in kindergarten for sharing). But that will not protect them from the real purpose of this huge energy wave. It will not stop what is coming.

No, we are NOT alone!
(And we never were... Did you REALLY think it was just us in the vastness of space?)
Most of us already know that there are trillions of beings in this Universe who we define as being "In Service to Others" who stand by ready to educate, assist, and befriend us, but, as has been the way for untold eons throughout this and other galaxies, THEY WILL NOT COME UNLESS INVITED.  The good ones, with good intentions NEVER do  (I thought it was strange how Gene Roddenberry knew about the "Prime Directive" until a bit of research showed he was working with an insider connected directly to MJ-12 in the early 60s). I have a gut feeling we WILL need some serious help when this thing arrives, or immediately after (I wish to have it BEFORE it arrives!).  And we obviously can't depend on our governments who remain silent and absent to this day, because they are NOT working for OUR common good. It is kind of sad, wouldn't you say?  There is some hope since many Whistle Blowers have come forward or we would not know as much as we do. And some of them RISK their lives to do it.  And not all people in government are like these maggots at the top. In fact, I estimate that 95% of those in government are just doing what they are told to do, what their job description says to do, and they are oblivious to the fact that the government is controlled by some NASTY JERKS at the top.

We don't need governments to call for help - WE HAVE THE ABILITY OURSELVES
Yes, we as individuals and as small groups HAVE THE POWER to ask for intervention DIRECTLY, and if our numbers are large enough, WE WILL GET HELP.  They will show themselves in huge numbers over our cities and around our world. Ships so large you will have to change your Depends undergarments <grin>. It will change the paradigm under which we Humans live our lives. Some will initially fear them, but most of us already know that they are just like us, only much, much older and a hell of a lot wiser. Make your own choice. YOU were given Free Will by the Creator. BUT, I want you to know that YOU HAVE THE POWER to invite them through simple meditation. Quiet your mind, breath deeply, and broadcast your message by thinking it, or even speaking it aloud.  They WILL hear you.

The message I send them every day says:
"YES, we do want you, the benevolent races of our galaxy, to show yourselves to us, to land here
on Earth in large numbers,
to assist, to teach, and to help us, but only come if you are TRULY in
Service to Others, and you come in the Light of the
Infinite Intelligence of our Creator, with Love
and Compassion for Mankind and all living things throughout the Universe.

And Yes, I always add that caveat at the end  since I don't want to invite any more of the parasites here. We have far too many of the maggot-like beings that are killing our planet and feeding on it as it dies (sounds like a maggot, does it not? In fact, I am probably insulting the poor little maggots associating them with these planetary vermin who are invaders of our world and our lives). They rob it of its vitality and pillage its riches for their greedy sole benefit. Some actually feed on the flesh of human beings. Especially children!  (Yes, I guess that was a "411" - a bit too much information, eh?)  I'm sorry, but I think YOU NEED TO KNOW HOW DISGUSTING THESE BEINGS ARE, THAT NOW RUN OUR WORLD.  We have FAR too many of their type here as it is, and they ARE here, I promise you.

How to Tell When It's Time to Take Cover
Many ancient writings and stories passed down, including those of the Hope Indians, the Mayans, Tibetans, and many others, ALL say that we will know when the event is upon us. We will see a blue star lighting up very brightly in the direction of the center of the galaxy (I first wondered how the heck THEY knew where THAT was? Then it hit me - "WELL DUH!" - they had some friends in HIGH places - Really HIGH, like OUTER SPACE? - Yep, that's plenty high, right?).  Even Christians secretly encoded this information in the Gothic Cathedrals of Europe, and in other monuments around our world. Research the "Angry Sun of the Great Cross at Hendaye". 

Where Is the Center of Our Galaxy, Anyway?
The center of our galaxy is somewhere in the Sagittarius constellation. A link below takes you to a page that will show you where to look. I have been an amateur astronomer for almost 50 years (and I'm just now getting to be "average" at it - but I keep plugging away), and I still have to dig a bit to find it. I will keep looking for the bright Blue Star to appearAnd I recommend you all do the same.  Get a few weeks worth of freeze dried food tucked away, extra water, and PLEASE save some extra for a neighbor or two who did not (or could not) save any (yes, try to be in service to others like those who ask to help us). That is how we SHOULD treat each other on this planet. We need to be looking out for one another. Not feeding on each other like piranha, as sadly, some do.  And stay indoors for the 2 or 3 days it lasts.  The lower floors of a high-rise have the most concrete above you and will reduce the harmful radiation the most. Caves are great, but not many will get to caves in time, and in Florida, the only caves we have are under water. Most of this is from pure research - but rumor also has it that this energy is a major DNA upgrade for us. I for one, BELIEVE it. So just in case you survive this thing, if you start hearing voices in your head (that are NOT yours) it may be your telepathic powers exerting themselves. So don't go looking for a shrink, just yet <grin>. Practice using it. And, when we can all hear each other's  thoughts, the LIES WILL STOP. It will be a different place, a much nicer place to live. As always do your homework. Research this yourself. But I hope you WILL join me to invite our benevolent friends.  I am not sure how I know, but I feel very strongly about this: We WILL need ALL of the help we can get, and badly, after this thing is over. I don't think we can depend on our government, and although there are many good people in our government, they must have orders to do things. Helping you and I will probably not be high on the list, at least not immediately.

Peace to all of you
(And PLEASE remember to meditate and invite them - two or three times a day, is a good idea. We WILL need help!!)

We have an extra page with information, more details, how to find the Galactic Center, and some links where you can gather more PROOF*, if you need it, and more information about the reality in which we live. If you got this far down the page, you are probably one of those who are smart enough to know something is coming our way.    More Information On the EVENT and the World in Which You Live

* Most educated people like to check things out, and that is a VERY HEALTHY thing to do. If you knew how many people the governments and others have pumping out "Disinformation" on YouTube, Facebook and all over the Internet, it would make you sick. Most people don't even know that the Obama Administration pushed for and got a law passed (and one repealed) to make it LEGAL to use propaganda on US Citizens. And the MEDIA said little or nothing about it.  Do you doubt me? Google it.